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Timy is a sailboat that we have lived on for over two years, so it is our biggest asset that we take care of. Our everyday life is definitely very different from what someone imagines renting in Croatia. For us, this is a way of life, not a vacation. We really like to have good company, so we occasionally offer to stay with us. 

What we offer:

- cabin for two people

- bed linen

-in the cabin you have your own 12V connection for charging electronic devices

- drinking water

-kitchen gas

No prior knowledge of sailing is required, just a strong will is enough. You don't need much with you, just personal things and some small clothes, we must be aware that we are sailing in a tropical area around the equator, which means that the temperatures are more or less similar throughout the year. 

Food is not included in the price. On our yacht, there is a hot meal once a day that we prepare ourselves, so we can make an agreement and prepare the food together. Because food is relatively cheap in Indonesia, where it is possible to eat outside for about €3. 

We make sailing arrangements with us only a few weeks in advance, as long-term arrangements are not reliable due to weather phenomena, various problems on the way, and we also do not have an exact planned route and dates and we adapt to current situations. Of course, at your request, we also adapt to you as much as we can. 

How is the meeting going?

Let's agree in advance where you will fly to, we will meet you there. We agree approximately how long we will sail together, so we can also determine the next place of departure. Of course, it is also possible to arrive and depart at the same airport. 

Price 70/day/person.  We do not return the advance under any circumstances. 

Payment or advance payment (50%) can be arranged at least one week before arrival at  sailing boat, the rest of the payment is accepted in cash or bank transfer to the account: NLB SI56 0299 3270 9215 828
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