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The fact is that sailing in the Caribbean is a luxury!
The yacht is our home and everything we have, so you are our guest and adapt to our conditions.
The food in the boat is exclusively ours, buy what you need and keep it in your room.
We stick to what we agree on.
If these plans change, we do not refund money.
We sail on our terms. The skipper sets the sails and decides on the way of sailing.
You don't leave your things all over the boat, you walk around the boat barefoot, except in special cases.
Log transit is also paid for elsewhere, so we expect you to at least take care of washing  the bedding instead.
Respect our home and treat it as if it were your own.
We are not a charter or travel agency, we are unemployed with no income, so please respect us and be kind to us
adapt, and take this sailing as a unique opportunity.

The price is fixed, 100 per day. You can arrange the payment at least one week before your arrival on  the sailing vessel: NLB SI56 0295 9232 7596 893
Peter Kočjaž
Cross 43
8000 New Town

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